Express Case Forwarders, Inc.

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About ECF

As the premier case management solution company, Express Case Forwarders, Inc. are innovators and game changers.

Centrally located in beautiful Southern California, ECF is a nationally accredited company that specializes in all aspects of debt collection case management solutions.

  • Largest Network of Attorneys

    Our attorneys have years of successful litigation experience. All of the attorneys in our Network specialize in debt collection.

  • State-of-the-art Methods and Techniques

    Express Case Forwarders can enforce your judgment using our in-depth understanding of the debt collection process and our qualified team of collection specialists.

  • Highly Competitive Rates

    Because we submit thousands of cases to our receiving attorneys every year, we receive great rates in which we pass the savings along to our clients.


Express Case Forwarders, Inc.

pursues civil debt litigation and judgment enforcement via a network of Receiving Law Firms in nearly all the U.S.


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